De Beque Canyon Project: Joy Running the Arroyos

As convenient as it is to just walk out the door of your house and start running, I’ve really started to embrace driving a few miles out of town to explore. Sprocket seems to hate running on the road and his pace literally drops minutes when we’re out on the trails.

I have found some good trails but dry washes also make good runs this time of year and provide Sprocket with all the sniffs that he could dream of.

This time of year is really busy for school teachers so getting out for happy runs is totally necessary for my sanity and I’m so happy that I have places to do that!

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  1. The time I lived outside of Breckenridge, I let my basset hound walk free as we hiked the area. For some reason i couldn’t figure out, he was sitting down way in front of me, not moving, not making a sound … he had been hit by a porcupine but wasn’t as bad as pictured … all the needles were able to come out without a trip to the vet. Living anywhere in Colorado is fantastic, glad you can enjoy your local area.

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