Summer 2016: Shed and XJ Living

It’s finally summer and I could not be more ready. Last summer, I made Francis (my FSJ) my home while I explored all over Colorado feeling free (and saving a bit of rent money in the process!). Since I’m moving again this year, I’ll be rocking a similar low-budget, high-adventure sort of lifestyle utilizing Ruth XJ and my storage shed.

This year, I’ve made the shed a bit more comfortable with an actual mattress, more consistent cooking area and better thought out storage of the things that I might want during the summer. It’s definitely not set up the way I would have it if I were living it full time since it is also doubling as a storage shed for someone who is eventually planning on having a house (albeit a smallish one).

Ruth is also a huge gas mileage upgrade from Francis (although I have sacrificed a bit in the space department) which will be great for chasing some more county highpoints this summer.

This summer is going to be one filled with working (yay, Provisions!), peakbagging, friends, adventures, gardening, dreaming, and long drives.

Summer 2016, I’m so excited you’re here.

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    1. There really is no deal; I bought the shed last year since I had an inkling that I would need some place to store my stuff while life was a little up in the air and it turns out that I was totally right, I just didn’t really consider that *I* was one of the things that needed to be stored. 😉

  1. Way cool. I was just in Ridgway, the weekend of the 21st after spending time up in Animasforks and Cinnamon Pass putting the Sprinter through some tests. Ridgway really does have a cool mellow vibe. Love that coffee/bookstore on Main st.


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