Out of Bed.

My headlight bounces in the dark and I suddenly notice some glowing eyes on the concrete path in front of me. The deer seem as shocked as I am to see someone running down the path in the chill October night. My breath puffs a steamy cloud in front of my face and I trundle down the path.

I’m not sure what propelled me out of my warm bed with Sprocket curled up against me. I felt required to put down my excellent book, don shorts and headlamp and run. The relatable prose had somehow pulled me in so far it has pushed me out and demanded I live, right now at this minute. Life has impeded these moments of clarity and running—or rather, I’ve let my excuses get in the way of exercising. No one blames you for not working up a sweat when you lack shower facilities. No one gives it a second thought when you say, “But I work seven days a week.” No one, that is but the yourself as you feel continually less fit, less confident, less whole.

I reach the old railroad bridge and hear rustling in the bushes near the river. It could be a bear or a skunk, it is likely more deer, and in a worst case, could be a mountain lion. There is nothing to be done about the creature minding their own business out of sight and I run on. The bridge looks like the set of a Halloween movie and I attempt to capture it in a photo because I find it so ridiculous. I fail, as I knew I would.

A mile from my house, I force myself to turn around. I haven’t been running and I didn’t warm up and it’s cold. There is no need to risk injury more than I already have and I really should get to sleep. As I cross the bridge again on the return trip, I can feel my mood rise a little bit like the mist off the Uncompahgre. “I need to do this everyday,” I tell myself.

The impossibility of that looms before me; even just this week I have evening work commitments and I question how realistic it is that I’ll sort out how not to smell at work. Part of me, a big part of me, doesn’t care though. I want to feel strong again. I’ve started rediscovering social parts of myself but this, the part of me that can agree to any hike and is ready for new challenges has been in hiding. Perhaps I’ll try to reclaim that part in the dark where no one can see a bit longer; I know that’s better than not reclaiming it at all.

Running past my appliances in my yard, I glance at the house before I go into the shed. That’s mine. That’s why I’ve sacrificed the feeling of the chill on my legs and the hours for words to enter my eyes and also to exit my fingers onto the screen.

I’ve been feeling like there’s some moral to my story, the larger story, not just this run or the house or processing of lots of old feelings I’ve ignored but I can’t put my finger on it. I need to write about it more, both publicly and privately. I need to move my feet to ruminate on it more. Back in the shed, I pulled off my clothes before I could really start sweating in the warmth of my tiny home. Baby wipe basics done, I crawled in bed, pulled my pup to my chest, finished the page I’d been reading and wondered if this is what it feels like to have the pieces come together.

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    1. It’s all too easy to think too much and just click around the internet instead of processing in full thoughts. :-p I’m going to be better!

  1. I believe I have just gone through a similar situation mentally. Deleted my blogs and came back 3 weeks later. It feels good to write and take pictures for others to see.

  2. B, you may or not remember me and my dog Kate. I check in here once in awhile. I notice that’s been awhile since you have posted. There are folks who have a different take on life and they attract a unique crowd. Folks like you but who don’t post. Your contribution to life, not only in your choice of work, but in sharing on this blog is important. Life isn’t made up of world changing events. It’s about the little things, like a girl and her love for her dog. If you stop, if you quit, I will understand. I will care and I will always wish for contentment and happiness for you. Michael

    1. Oh Michael,

      This was just the nicest comment! Thank you so much.

      I don’t have specific plans to stop blogging but I didn’t want to be a sad sack that posted about working all the time. I’m supposed to get the okay to move in to my brand new house in two weeks so hopefully I wind up with a life that has a bit more room for adventure.

      Sending you the best!

      1. I want you to know and understand that you are unique. I doubt that you remember me, I will always remember your mind. You were interesting, smart, inquisitive. Keep reaching, folks like you change the world. Michael

        1. I totally remember you silly. First, you were the first person that ever walked up to me and recognized me from the blog. Second, you were always down for an adventure whether it was Mexico or a random hike I had my heart set on.

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