Dead Horse 50k

My blog is desperately behind and I’m basically just going to start with the current moment but I have a couple of things I want to document on here… one of which is that I ran my first ultra-marathon back in November!

Katie and Georgie talked me into signing up and I felt like a giant imposter because when I say I “run” I really mean I’m the queen of the power hike.

At the start of the race I pretty much felt totally out of place. I had done all my 20 mile trail runs solo and had to be self supported so there I was hanging out at the starting line for a race with aid stations every 7 miles with a 3 liters of water. Whyyyy??

It was a super pretty course as one might expect for Moab. The weather was a perfect November day for a long run: chilly in the morning but not too hot during the middle of the race.

About mile 12 I crashed hard. I felt like crap and was envisioning chasing cutoffs for the rest of the run (because I was not quitting). When I reached the aid station at mile 14 I discovered the joy of Sprite and gummy bears and life got much much better.

Despite my face in the photo below around mile 20, the sugar rush had done its work and I literally felt better as I finished the race than I did at that midpoint.

I did it! I completed an ultra! And then promptly signed up for another for this coming summer.

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