I’m #omniten!

A few weeks ago, I headed out to the post office with Sprocket and was surprised to find that there was a package waiting there for me.

Inside, I found a ton of Columbia winter gear to test out and a letter inviting me along for six days of adventure at a still undisclosed location as part of #omniten. #Omniten is a collection of ten outdoor social media folks that are picked by Columbia because they get out and Try Things. Since I’ve been following along with previous seasons of #omniten on Twitter and know that I’ve got awesome times ahead!

I’m honestly still a bit shocked that I’m one of the “chosen few”! And with these rumors of #omnigames rumors swirling I’m even more excited!!

Gear Value: Columbia Titanium Fleece

I was folding clothes the other day and commented to F that his orange fleece is starting to look a little threadbare. “No way! I paid $70 for that fleece, it can’t be worn out!”

Orange fleece

We started trying to place when exactly he purchased this Columbia Titanium fleece and I wasn’t much help because I know it was over five years ago, before I met him. On top of being more than five years old, he has worn it EVERYWHERE.

The fleece is still going strong but we decided that this fleece (and its maker Columbia Sportswear) deserves to be honored on the blog.

Summiting Mt. Washington (Oregon), July 2009:

F at Mt. Washington

Chinatown, San Francisco, August 2009:

F Chinatown menu

Hiking in Olympic National Park, October 2009:

F, Olympic National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, April 2010:

F, Carlsbad Caverns

F and Sprocket

Camping along the Pecos River, Texas; April 2010:


Mt. Michell, North Carolina; May 2010:

Mt. Mitchell, Highest point east of the Mississippi

Not only does he play in his fleece, but he fixes cars in it as well! Culpeper, Virginia; May 2010:

Jeep Repairs

Snow Falls, Maine; May 2010:

Snow Falls (Near West Paris, Maine)

Fixing a Model A; May 2010:

F Model A

Moving in to our house in Missoula, July 2010:

F and Sprocket

Hiking in Moab, March 2011:

F and Sprocket

F and Ezra

Home Repairs; July 2010:


Yellowstone, September 2011:

Old Faithful Lodge

Spokane; September 2012:

F and Sprocket

Day-before-the-wedding; September 2012:


Hiking in the La Sals; September 2012:

La Sals, F and Sprocket

Fixing the Sprinter window, North Fork Salmon River; September 2012:

Fixing the Sprinter window

F and Sprocket

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; December 2012:

Enjoying the steam vents

I’ve even worn it a time or two: Lava Tree State Monument, Hawaii; December 2012:


Childs Mountain, Arizona; February 2013:

F on Childs Mountain

Near Ajo, Arizona:

Arizona desert

I think that fleece has been worth every penny, don’t you?

What gear have you really gotten your money’s worth out of?

I’m a Stonewear Designs Ambassador!

Last week, I had a message on my phone from Stonewear Designs, they had picked me to be an Ambassador!

After winning a skort from these guys last fall, I’ve kept up with them via Twitter and Facebook. Just after moving to Ridgway, they put out a call looking for women who are involved in their community in addition to leading active lifestyles who would promote them via social media, blog posts, and product reviews. I applied, figuring being picked would be a long shot.

They picked eight women to be Ambassadors this year, including me! I’m so excited.

Be sure to head over to the Stonewear blog today to check out my fellow Ambassadors. We include yoga instructors, climbers, moms, runners, hikers, photographers, and more. It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Stonewear Designs Liberty Skort

Right before we left Idaho, I was lucky enough to win a Liberty Skort from Stonewear Designs. I had horrific memories of skorts from being a kid (remember when they looked like shorts from the back and only looked like a skirt in the front?!) but I was excited to test it out. It turns out I love it!

The skort is really comfortable. The shorts inside tend to ride up a bit when you’re out being active but it really isn’t too bad.┬áMy favorite thing about the skort is being able to wear it on a hike and then to be able to head into town for dinner and still feel appropriately dressed. Stonewear also manufactures their clothing in the United States (my skort is made from non-American material but I’ll take what I can get!) It’s been a great addition to my van clothing assortment.