Meet the Lifted Scamp

As with most older Scamps, the original torsion axle was worn out leaving the poor trailer practically on the ground. Even with a new torsion axle it would only sit about 4″ higher. Fortunately, Forrest is a fabricator and was going make this a 4×4 Scamp anyways. So out came the torch!

Using a new 2000 pound leaf spring axle assembly, a new sub-frame assembly, and some matching Jeep wheels, Forrest drew up his plans. The result is really quite amazing: the Scamp sits over a foot higher and tows along behind the Jeep like a dream. Even over large rocks!

Without further ado, 3Up Adventures’ lifted Scamp:

1977 13′ Scamp: In Progress

Sometimes I feel like the pictures on the blog show our “travel life” in only it’s prettiest states. Last weekend while I was “moving” us from one vehicle to the next, Forrest was cleaning up the Sprinter, and Steve was making us new cabinet doors for the Scamp I decided I should snap some pictures of the messy parts:

Sprocket was unimpressed by how busy we all were and appeared quite offended at how much he was being ignored:

1977 13′ Scamp: Before

Before we did anything to the Scamp, I took a whole lot of photos of it. The ol’ gal is in mostly original condition so we don’t plan to change too much but it’s always nice to document a beginning to compare with later!

Out With The New, In With The Old

Sometimes in life, opportunity arises and there’s only one thing to do: take it.

Yesterday, we bid our dear Sprinter adieu. It was ours for just a year but yet we still had so much fun with it starting with our mad dash from south Florida to north Idaho, to hauling our stuff to Utah for the wedding, and being our home for the beginnings of our current adventure.

The adventures aren’t over though—not by a long shot! Last weekend, we brought home this little beauty, a 1977 13′ Scamp travel trailer.

She needs a little bit of loving care (aka Forrest is putting in an entirely new axle) but is mostly in great shape. We’re excited to welcome her to the 3Up Adventure Team.