High Country Jeeping, Ouray to Lake City Edition

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually had posts scheduled days in advance! As of Monday, however, 3Up Adventures moved down into Ridgway from our property north of town and our apartment has internet (and these amazing views, but that’s almost bragging). I’m really excited to get things rolling again and catch you all up!

A few weeks ago, we headed out on yet another high country exploration trip in the jeep. Our plan was to travel from the Mineral Creek trailhead (just outside of Ouray) to Lake City via Engineer Pass then return via Cinnamon Pass and Poughkeepsie Gulch.

A few weeks ago, we hiked up to Brown Mountain ridge and walked along it for a bit. Mt. Abrahms is the mountain on the left and stands out prominently from Ridgway and the Million Dollar Highway.

A combination of me driving over Cinnamon Pass and then being way too busy looking around coming down Poughkeepsie Gulch meant that our pictures end with the above: me just starting up Cinnamon Pass. We’ll be up and down and around so there will be pictures of those areas eventually!

Chattanooga Area, Part 1

Chattanooga, Colorado, that is.

After we were unable to make it up Black Bear Pass, we headed east. We weren’t really sure where the road we were on was headed but it didn’t really matter because it headed up.

Our views began to open up as the road climbed and climbed. Like Black Bear Pass, there were several large snow drifts left but this road had been dozed open.

Black Bear Pass, Attempt #1

Tuesday in the absence of any real information about whether Black Bear Pass was open or not we decided to give it a shot. Turns out, there definitely still snow blocking the way. We went as far as we could before turning around and continuing the adventure elsewhere (more on that Monday).

Sprocket always appreciates the snow: