Confession: once we moved to Colorado, I’ve basically given up on running.

I don’t like this. I love the feeling of a good run. I like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with racking up the miles.

On my way to a PR!!!

I’ve got a slew of excuses (it’s hot, my shower access is spotty, and the elevation was getting me at first) but really, I’ve just been kind of lazy.

During my impromptu trip to Tacoma last weekend, my six-year old nephew totally surprised me: “Aunty, can we go for a run? Like last time you were here with Sprocket?”

The kid is six…and he wanted to go for a run? With me?

Turns out, he wasn’t kidding. I leashed up the dog, handed him over to Drew and away we went, his short legs pumping hard. We ran, and then walked, and ran some more. We stopped to rest. And then ran, and walked, and ran. We did this all the way down to the dead end of the road and back–over a half mile.

As we ran up the steps into my mom’s house, Andrew looked at me proudly and said, “I’m so fast Aunty. I’m going to be able to run the Warrior Dash with you and Daddy.”

Oof. I’m going to have to get running, kid; thanks so much for the reminder of how fun running is.

But yeah, that day will come you are going to be able to run with us.

Andrew in Idaho

My visit with my nephew, mom, and godmother was quite nice. I spent most of my time doing the things that he only gets to do with Aunty and F (except for riding the CRF 230…he needs F for that).

Friday evening almost immediately after they pulled in, Andrew and I went for a quad and I showed him the old Lucky Calumet mine. I really didn’t expect him to think it was very cool, it’s pretty much just a hillside with some timbers that has water flowing out of it, but he listened really intently as I described how there used to be train cars and men that would go into the tunnel and bring out rock. I showed him how the rocks around the entrance are streaked with copper green and he decided he needed to take one home with him.

Andrew at the Lucky Calumet

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