Wagontongue Mountain

After leaving the San Francisco Mountains, we continued into New Mexico. I headed out to hike Wagontongue Mountain (8,979′). F and Sprocket were planning to stay a bit lower to do some antler hunting while I peakbagged.

Along the way, I even found a couple of antlers!

Wagontongue is a long ridge but you can see the high point below; it’s the little gap in the trees at the left side of the picture.

Assorted Moab Fun

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been getting out and having some fun in the mountains and on the slickrock.

Last Sunday we took the Jeep out on the Strike Ravine trail, watched a buggy do the last obstacle on upper Helldorado. We took the long way home up onto a mesa above Pack Creek and did some successful(!) antler hunting.

For Forrest’s birthday last week we made a valliant attempt to drive to Oowah Lake. We nearly made it but getting out involved winching a couple of times (and me climbing 10′ into a tree to set up a winch anchor). We finished off the birthday with dinner in town and dessert back at our friends’ house.

We also took a trip to the ridge above Carpenter Basin. Forrest spent his time up there looking for antlers while Sprocket and I attempted to reach the high point of the ridge (we were foiled by snow just below the top).

On our way back from hiking, we checked out a couple of abandoned mines. The hillsides in that area are covered in mining remains!

Treasure on the Trail

During our short hike on Sunday, we came around a corner and right in the middle of the trail was a moose antler. We tried to let Sprocket think that he found it (we really wish he was an antler finding dog) but he just seemed to think it wasn’t his¬†antler so he just sniffed it then looked at us like, “So? What are you going to do with it?”

We looked and looked for the match to make the set (usually they’re not very far apart) but didn’t have any luck. …other than our luck that left the antler right¬†in the trail of course!

Sprocket “finding” an antler