De Beque Canyon Project: Oh, Hey Shoulder Season

Towards the end of last week I could feel my anxiety levels creeping up. I spent a couple of days simply just feeling sorry for myself because of things that I can’t control and in general I was a giant blob of bummer. And then I started thinking…when was the last time I was outside? I’d had a little bit of snowy fun with Sprocket on Halloween but mostly I’d been freaking out about the website being down, about my school work, about teaching, about relationships (or lack thereof or my inability to even contemplate one right now), and so on.

Sunday afternoon, I took a break from cleaning the house and doing work to do some exploring and hiking. My exploring was not quite as thorough as I would have liked because the roads were pretty muddy. I drove quite aways up South Fork Dry Creek Road before calling it good; the spur roads all looked to treacherous to have fun exploring alone (especially without a winch) and even the main roads were showing the effects of recent snow and rain.

While it might not look like it, this road was muddy, Sprocket and I both had mud absolutely caked to our feet. The sunshine couldn’t be beat however and we wandered around in the sage for awhile soaking it in.

Eventually, I had to call it since I still had some work to do. We hopped back in the Jeep and Sprocket made it clear he wasn’t really happy with my decision to head home.

While I was driving, something caught my eye. The sun was shining on the rock in the middle of the picture below just right and it showed that something wasn’t quite normal about it. It looked like there might be an arch (or natural bridge depending on your personal nomenclature preference).

Sprocket and I set out to investigate it. This photo from above the bridge doesn’t do a very good job of showing that there is a substantial hole right at the center of the photo and it was in fact an arch!

Sprocket and I scrambled down to stand below the arch. My pup is such a trooper for navigating terrain like this and trusting me so much!


For fun, we worked our way back to the car via the watercourse. Sprocket looked at me skeptically but made his way down falls like this quite handily!

Corona Arch

Sprocket and I hiked up to Corona Arch (Corona Arch is the arch made famous as the “World’s Largest Rope Swing“). I’d never been out there before and we were looking for a short hike to do in the morning while it was still sort of cool outside. The hike up to the arch is pretty short (about a mile and half) and we had the trail to ourselves.

At the arch, we met a family from British Columbia. It was really fun to hear about their travel plans. Sprocket was also very happy to make friends and relax in the shade:

Corona Arch is definitely worth the drive out Potash Road; if you got an earlier start than me or had a cooler day, it could be combined with another hike to Jeep Arch.

Wedding, Part 15: Cable Arch

At the end of Hells Revenge, most people were pretty tired and ready to head back to the house. Some of us, however, were up for some more fun so Thomas, Tasha, Blaze, Skye, Jason, Jolleen, Amanda, F and I headed over to run Cliffhanger. We made a brief pit stop at Morning Glory Canyon to play on the Indian ladder before we arrived at the trailhead. As it turns out, the entrance to Cliffhanger looked a bit more intense than anyone wanted to attempt with a rental Jeep.

(Amanda Summerlin)
(Amanda Summerlin)

So F suggested we all hike up to Cable Arch. There was lots of scrambling around and we finally found the cable and headed up to the view point. On the way down, I headed over to a crack that F said he once climbed back to the top and started exploring. It wasn’t long before F, Blaze, Skye, and Jolleen made their way in as well. We all had a blast scrambling around and exploring. One of my very favorite things about Moab is the scrambling and climbing around and it was a blast to do it with so many adventurous people!

Climbing up the fin
These two characters were our passengers all day.
(Amanda Summerlin)
(Amanda Summerlin)

Back at the car, we headed back for the house where Pat and Cindy had graciously volunteered to cook dinner for everyone. Pat made an awesome stew in his Dutch oven on the BBQ and it was all devoured in minutes. Leftover pie also came out of the refrigerator and was a big hit.

(Amanda Summerlin)
(Amanda Summerlin)