Reverse Bucket List: Sprocket

I shared my reverse bucket list yesterday and today it’s Sprocket’s turn! He’s excited to share all of his awesomeness with you guys:


Dominated my first snow at age 10 weeks. My parents took me up to Mary’s Peak in Oregon and I was plowing through the snow!

I’ve visited 31 states. I’m only three. Mom & Dad say I should be able to hit up a few more this year too!

Partied in New Iberia, LouisianaEven at a few months old, I knew how to bring the party.

Climbed a 10,000′ foot mountain. My lifetime high point is actually Loveland Pass in Colorado (11,990′) but we drove to the top. I climbed Trapper Peak (10,157′) in Montana all by paw power.

Was the Best Dog at my parents wedding.

Gone backpacking. (Twice!) I love hiking but backpacking? I hike, I eat, I swim, and get to cuddle in the tent? WIN. I plan on doing more of this in the next few months.

Perfected the perfect mad-dog water jump:

Reverse Bucket List: Beth

I don’t usually get into the internet blogging trends. But in the last week or so there’s been a bunch of “Reverse Bucket List” posts coming across my Google reader and Facebook and Twitter feeds and they’re really uplifting. (Some of which have come from Heather, Heidi, Katie, Becca, and Sarah). So here’s mine. Sprocket’s is coming your way tomorrow. Also, if you’ve written a reverse bucket list and you even occasionally read 3Up Adventures, send me the link, I’ll post ’em all at the bottom of this post for even more inspiration!

Moved myself to college in Maine, all by myself. I picked out my school and went for it. While there, I made some awesome friends, explored New England, and got a great education.

Played college softball for three wonderful years. I wasn’t a star (not even close) but I made it to the top of the “pyramid” my dad always talked about (Olympics aside).

Backpacked by myself. Sure, I took the dog with me, but I spent three days out in the woods alone. It was awesome and healing.

Ran a half marathon. I ran my first half marathon in just over two hours. I’ve also run a handful of other races. I’m not a super runner and I don’t always like it but I love knowing my body can do it.

Adopted the coolest dog. Sprocket is adorable, loving, and pretty much the best thing ever.

Drove across the country. We circled it once on our USA Roadtrip in 2010 and crossed it again speedy style when we purchased the van.

Traveled to Europe. In 2007, I visited Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. I’ll never forget hanging out in Brussels with some of my chemistry pals, drinking wine in Germany, and hiking in Switzerland with two wonderful friends.

Became a firefighter and EMT. I may have cried when I was asked about being a firefighter but ultimately I embraced it and really enjoyed being a volunteer in Oregon. Living in Idaho, I finally had a chance to become an EMT. I’m looking forward to being able to do both for a fire department again.

Bought a house. Completely gutted it then paid it off. We also bought 75 acres and a cabin and paid that off too.

Embraced uncertainty and quit my job. I quit a job in uncertain economic times and decided to travel while we refigured out our dreams.

Saw lava flow into the ocean. It felt pretty awesome to see new earth being formed. Not to mention that we did the hike over the lava twice in one day.

Did scientific research at sea. And got a masters degree while I was at it.