Huckleberry Lemonades


Huckleberry Lemonade

  • Fresh Huckleberries
  • Lemonade
  • Ice
  • Huckleberry vodka, optional

Muddle fresh huckleberries. Add ice, vodka, and lemonade. 

Forrest was excited for huckleberry lemonade
“Hey! Where’s mine?!”

Memorial Day Weekend

I sorta begged to go somewhere for Memorial Day weekend. And we decided we should be grownups and “get stuff done around here” instead. And then we didn’t. Next time, I’m totally not acting like a grownup and throwing caution to the wind and driving an absurd distance for three days. Done.

Anyway, we wound up spending most of the weekend with Chris and Katie, neighbors who have a vacation house here in town. Saturday, I puttered around the house and Forrest went motorcycle riding with Chris. Then on Sunday, we went to Katie’s parents’ house on Lake Coeur D’Alene. The dogs got to swim and we all sat around on the porch. Occasionally someone would suggest we go for a walk and the consensus would be “in a little while.” We never went.

Yesterday, the four of us headed up to the cabin. We drove up to the gate and made it about 100 yards past where F and I made it last Monday. That corner is full of snow though so we had to give it up and hike the rest of the way (it’s less than a mile). We had a lovely lunch of canned chili and Katie hiked in a couple of beers and half a bottle of wine! After relaxing at the cabin and checking out the snow melt progress (tons of snow left on the road on “the back side,” patches of dirt starting to peak out around the cabin amidst 5′ drifts) we headed back to the Jeep. Katie, Chris, and I hiked all the way down the ridge line and met Forrest there.

Mother’s Day Hike

When I heard that Sunday was supposed to be pretty (as in 70 degrees up at 6,000′) I decided that it should clearly be spent at the cabin. Unfortunately Forrest had to work so it was just Sprocket and I off for adventure. We did use F as a ride up to the substation at Burke though.

The melting beginnings.

We started up the road at about 7:00 and by the time I reached the slide (about a mile) I was quite warm. The snow was also showing signs of warming up and I was sinking too far into the slush for my taste so we paused for me to put on snowshoes. Sprocket took this opportunity to play in the creek and the mud. I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I cut off the road to head up the ridgeline (it’s not much shorter but it seems sooo much faster!) that there was only patchy snow in the trees and most of the way up the ridge was clear. (Until of course I hit the snow that was 3′ deep.) I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of the road was starting to melt out although there is a lot of melting to do before we can drive in.

I arrived at the cabin at about 8:20, promptly grabbed a Gatorade and a chair and headed outside. I basically sat there basking, reading, and napping until 12:30. I got a horrible sunburn. Not very responsible. The sunshine felt sooo wonderful though. Finally, I roused myself, made some lunch and cleaned up the food storage area. Sprocket was quite happy when I shouldered my pack and started heading uphill. Apparently the puppy got bored.

We arrived at the top of East Grouse Peak about a half hour later and then began our long descent into Mullan. I really dislike walking downhill without a trail. I guess I need different shoes since I hate it mostly because my feet feel like they’re constantly smashed against either the toe box or one side of the shoe. It’s pretty uncomfortable… I only had to walk on snow for a really short chunk at the top, most of the way down was clear. However, the “pretty woods” F had promised me on top of the M hill was FULL of downed timber. It made for some unfun walking.

In the end though, it was a beautiful day outside. I can’t wait for more.

An Alternate View of To Do Lists

When we go up to the cabin we usually have a pretty good “to do” list worked up.

And we usually get most of it done. But not everything. And I never want to feel like we have to. At the house, my M.O. is “finish all the Things. Now!” At the cabin, I’m just not that way. (I am impatient for heat. But I think that’s understandable.)

Saturday morning, after sleeping in and a cozy morning with some spiced cider, we loaded up the last of the insulation, miscellaneous tools, a borrowed generator, and lots of clothes. At about 4,000 feet, we started to see skiffs of snow on the ground. By the time we passed through our gate (about 4,700′ feet), the ground was covered. The last stretch up to the cabin required 4-wheel drive.

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October 7, 2010-October 6, 2011

Today marks a year of living in the Silver Valley. I cannot believe how much has changed in our lives.

Moving: A year ago today, I’d just finished up moving all of our stuff (Forrest’s tools and bikes included!) from Missoula to a storage unit here. I’d arranged to live in the basement of a real estate agency for three weeks while we waited to move into our rental house (we were picky and wanted a place we could heat with wood). I was waiting for Forrest to come back from North Dakota.

Sprocket is a lazy packing helper

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Sprocket Loves Huckleberries

I seriously think Sprocket thinks he’s a bear cub sometimes…

He has to sniff out the berries but if he sees you going for a bush with lots of ripe delectable berries he’ll sniff his way over and steal them from you.

P.S. F and I owe a major thank you to Andee of Finding A Wife. She and her (brand new!!) husband Colin and Darby are taking care of our fuzzy baby this weekend while we’re in Yellowstone. We know he couldn’t be in better hands.



Ms. Moose paid us a visit at the cabin tonight.

She didn’t seem to mind the commotion.

And she just hung out for our dinner viewing pleasure:


Ezra, Steve and Garrett have been at our house all week so my evenings have been sort of busy. That and I haven’t been feeling motivated for much of anything, other than reading blogs, not so much motivation for the writing of mine…

I’m really just looking forward to the weekend. Forrest and I are going to Silverwood on Saturday with the tickets we bought at Oktoberfest in Wallace. It will be really nice to spend a day doing something silly with him (we’re totally not the amusement park going sort).

It’s that summer’s starting to come to an end really, F got an email about leaving for North Dakota the other day (he’s leaving in three weeks and will be gone a month) and it made me realize that we still have a bunch of work to do. The new woodstove needs to be installed (I’m sure Sprocket and I will need heat before the end of October), the siding and roofing at the cabin need to be finished, it’d be nice if the cabin woodstove was done too.

If the stove at the cabin isn’t finished though, that’ll really be fine, in fact, if everything at the cabin’s not done it’ll be fine (as long as we don’t get snow that stays until sometime in November); the woodstove in the house is nonnegotiable though… I don’t think I’m going to spend much time up there (except for maybe a couple evenings). Last year when he was gone Sprocket and I did some exploring and really enjoyed ourselves–I like going places and I really don’t like going to be alone at home (except when I’m indulging in some Teen Mom and other assorted bad TV/movies).

Here’s to what I hope to be another few weeks of summer before the chill really starts to set in.