Wedding, Part 18: Tuesday—Climbing

Tuesday morning, we headed towards Morning Glory Canyon again to do some climbing. F and I were anxious to do some more free exploring like we’d done briefly in the Cable Arch area. We parked at Morning Glory and walked back east on the road looking for a place to pop out on top.

Climbing up from the road

It took a few minutes but we finally found a crack that looked like it would “go.” The rock was pretty crumbly but we all made it up to the top without incident. We all enjoyed our time scrambling around.

“First one to bite it buys a round.”
Moonflower Canyon

We found ourselves in some difficult spots but still had a great time. After eating lunch on top with views to Behind the Rocks, out to Canyonlands and Arches, and down to the Colorado, we hiked out via the Moab Rim jeep trail. (The big rainstorm rushing in from the west complete with lightning was enough to keep us all moving quickly!)

Blaze climbing.
Looking back to Behind The Rocks.
Hiking in Behind the Rocks WSA


Wedding, Part 15: Cable Arch

At the end of Hells Revenge, most people were pretty tired and ready to head back to the house. Some of us, however, were up for some more fun so Thomas, Tasha, Blaze, Skye, Jason, Jolleen, Amanda, F and I headed over to run Cliffhanger. We made a brief pit stop at Morning Glory Canyon to play on the Indian ladder before we arrived at the trailhead. As it turns out, the entrance to Cliffhanger looked a bit more intense than anyone wanted to attempt with a rental Jeep.

(Amanda Summerlin)
(Amanda Summerlin)

So F suggested we all hike up to Cable Arch. There was lots of scrambling around and we finally found the cable and headed up to the view point. On the way down, I headed over to a crack that F said he once climbed back to the top and started exploring. It wasn’t long before F, Blaze, Skye, and Jolleen made their way in as well. We all had a blast scrambling around and exploring. One of my very favorite things about Moab is the scrambling and climbing around and it was a blast to do it with so many adventurous people!

Climbing up the fin
These two characters were our passengers all day.
(Amanda Summerlin)
(Amanda Summerlin)

Back at the car, we headed back for the house where Pat and Cindy had graciously volunteered to cook dinner for everyone. Pat made an awesome stew in his Dutch oven on the BBQ and it was all devoured in minutes. Leftover pie also came out of the refrigerator and was a big hit.

(Amanda Summerlin)
(Amanda Summerlin)

“Shelf Lake” Hike

Forrest and I headed up into the mountains above town to check out a waterhole we’d spotted on Google Earth to see what it was. We jeeped up the ridge north of town and then took a spur that ended at quite a cliff overlooking the waterhole we were looking for.

Yeah, it’s a cliff.

After we backed the jeep away from the precipice, we hiked down the ridge towards the lake. The hillside was pretty steep but we attained the lake pretty quickly. It turns out that the little lake is on a shelf about halfway down to the bottom of the canyon.

The cliff
The lake

We walked around the lake to take a look down into the valley before deciding how best to get back to the jeep. After looking at the cliff a little bit more, we decided to try scrambling back up the cliff. It was actually not too difficult of a scramble and certainly much more fun than hiking back up the steep hillside.

Aside from “discovering” the secret lake, we had quite a nice hike and scramble. It was a great after-work adventure!

Overlooking the valley at “Shelf Lake”
Scrambling out of “Shelf Lake”

Rock Climbing: Vantage, Washington

Last weekend, I went climbing in Vantage, Washington with Women Climbers Northwest. I haven’t been climbing since I graduated from Oregon State (that was two years ago! I can’t believe it!) so I definitely am not in “climbing shape”: weak fingers, feet not used to being shoved into climbing shoes. It was really fun to get outside on a gloriously beautiful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

I drove over after work on Friday, driving out of the rain into the sun, stopping in Spokane to buy necessities for the weekend: lunches, breakfast, and a bottle of wine (Firesteed pinot noir!). By the time I got to Moses Lake I was quite hungry—I wasn’t really sure what I was in the mood for but the options were somewhat limited. Just as I considered heading back into the city center for some Subway (which I’ve had plenty of on EMT class nights) I found Woody’s. I was a bit turned off by the idea of $6-8 burgers at a hole in the wall but I was hungry and a shake sounded good. The burger, a bleu cheese burger, was worth every penny of its $6.75. The shake? Softserve based and not so amazing…

After eating my burger and shake over looking the odd pothole that is Moses Lake, I drove the last thirty miles or so to the climbing area. I’d actually driven right past the access road last year when I tasted wine at Cave B cellars on my way home from R2R. It was one of those awesome drives where you immediately drop down out of plain old desert into something fantastic. Continue reading “Rock Climbing: Vantage, Washington”