We’re going to be EMTs!

Life got a little more busy for Team 3Up last Wednesday—Forrest and I started an EMT course over in Coeur D’Alene! Now we get to do the 130 mile round-trip three days a week…yay?

Back when we were living in Oregon and volunteering with the fire department I avoided showing up to medical calls (an unfortunate situation because medical calls made up the large majority of all calls to the department). Eventually, I ended up on a call for a potential stroke. We’d had a short training on filling out patient care reports and I found myself in that role. There I was writing down medications, incident history, and vital signs freeing up our EMTs to assist the patient.

At home that night Forrest told me he was proud of me (he’d been on the call as well). I’d been mulling over the experience in my mind. I’d liked it. I wanted to be more helpful. I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, the department’s requirement for taking the EMT course was committing to a year with the department after getting your certification and I was not going to be able to do that.

Fast forward to Mullan. We have what is believed to be the last free ambulance service in Idaho. But, in the same problem that plagues a lot of small towns, we don’t have very many EMTs (I believe the current count is four). This means that it can take a while to track down a Mullan EMT or, worse, realize that one isn’t going to be able to make it and have to call for Kellogg Ambulance Service. Fortunately, the department was able to obtain funding to send Forrest and I to get our certifications.

It’s spelling a bit of craziness for us but we’re both really excited to be learning new things and preparing to help the community in a new way.

So forgive me a bit if my posting is a little haphazard for a bit. I don’t have tons of non-work time to keep you posted on!

Fireman’s Fun Festival-Day 2

Day 2 of Fireman’s Fun Festival is all about the kids. We set up an obstacle course and sent kids from ages 3 through 13 through it. The kids also got to do a version of make-and-break, similar to the adult version from Saturday. When the events were over the fire engines and the ambulance did laps around town for about an hour, sirens going, full of the kids. (Forrest says he drove every street in town…he’s feeling pretty good behind the wheel of the truck!)


Obstacle course

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Fireman’s Fun Festival–Day 1

Yesterday was Mullan’s Fireman’s Fun Festival. This annual tradition has been going on for well, longer than anyone seems to know. The morning began with a parade and then it was time for the firefighter games.


F gets to drive the fire truck!

Forrest, his brothers, and I competed in the games. I think everyone had fun, I certainly did, although Skye probably didn’t appreciate being dropped during the bed races. Continue reading “Fireman’s Fun Festival–Day 1”

Hello From Connecticut!

Connecticut. The name just looks kinda funny. Especially once I had to look at it a few times to make sure I spelled it right. Anyway…

I’ve had quite a relaxing time on my vacation thus far. I spent the 4th of July being silly and ridiculous with Lucy, Franz, Brendan, and Evan in Providence (there might have been some fake tattoo application…in the takeout waiting area of the Chinese restaurant). Last night I enjoyed some yummy beers, Sea Hag IPA (New England Brewing Company, Woodbridge, CT) and Blue Point Pale (Blue Point Brewing Company, Patchogue, NY), while we hung out with one of Lucy’s childhood friends.

4th of July Fireworks in Providence, RI

Life back in Idaho had been super busy leading up to this trip and I hadn’t really stopped to consider what it would actually be like. Continue reading “Hello From Connecticut!”

Putting on the Running Shoes

It’s time for me to put on my running shoes.

First, I mean this in the most literal way: after running The Canyonlands Half Marathon back in March I’ve been really lazy. I just haven’t been able to drum up much interest or excitement about running. Participating in Rainier To Ruston helped but I just keep finding other things to do.

Unacceptable. Especially if I want to get fast and kick butt at the Huckleberry 5K in about a month (Sprocket and I are in it to win it). Time to get moving. I’ve never done interval training before so this ought to be kind of interesting. Continue reading “Putting on the Running Shoes”

APW & Book Club

I am not engaged.

But I found A Practical Wedding. And it’s kinda been an awesome thing for me.

Aside from the Reclaiming Wife posts being freaking awesome for putting marriage in perspective, see, sometimes, I miss just sitting around and talking with a crew of smart women. I was lucky enough to find such a crew in high school (ohhh The Sisterhood) and there was no shortage of such women at Bates. Being able to recreate that feeling after college has been kind of difficult. It’s the type of thing that I know will come, I just have to keep working at it and, even harder, be a little patient.

Note to self: Get on with the hard work already. Note to reader: If you happen to be reading this and happen to be passing through somewhere near where I might be I’d be more than happy to pour you a glass of wine and we can look out at the mountains and gab.

Connecting with Team Practical via the comments section has been fantastic. (And checking in on blogs like Finding A Wife, We Ski Slow, StofnSarah, and more has been absolutely a delight.) Sometimes I don’t agree with exactly what is said (but if I did it would be so boring!) but the spirit is almost always right on.

And it got even more freaking awesome when I found a group of girls in Missoula with whom I could connect in person. (Yeah, it’s 100 miles away…but that’s part of the deal when you live here…) We met up for the “APW Book Club” to discuss Tara Parker Pope’s For Better.  We talked, ate food, and sipped some awesome strawberry lemonade cocktails. For hours. About everything. I drove away in the absolute best mood.