A Moment

Laying on my bed, reading, I pondered if I’d gotten too much sun laying out among the trees that afternoon. A little pink, I decided, but it’d be fine.

Unexpectedly, my lazy pup, leaped to his feet and ran to the door, just sitting. He settled in, laying down and staring intently out the door.

I had a sneaking suspicion, we had some furry friends outside. I smiled to myself, proud that my dog doesn’t chase animals.

Sure enough, my buddy and these guys were just watching each other.

It’s those little happy moments that let me know I’m doing something right.

Have you had one of these moments recently that just make you smile?

Hot, Hot Sunday

A few weeks ago it was hot in North Idaho. Sprocket and I had grand plans for accomplishing some work around the cabin but instead it was just hot. Not wanting to waste what was really some beautiful weather (it’s just hard to jump from mid-70s to mid-90s without a buildup) we went for a little hike near the cabin.

Sprocket found the last of the snow (July 8)
There was also marshy water…
And we had a deer friend watching us.



First, our moose’s antlers are growing. Here he is on the 22nd:

Just little nubby antlers

By the 28th, his antlers had started to branch out:

I think they look like antennae here…

Forrest also spotted a bear at the cabin:

I am jealous. I want to see a bear. Especially one this cute.

I also think this deer looks hilarious. He was really unconcerned that we were riding by on the quad:

His ears crack me up.


The plan Monday was that I would come home and do a second coat of paint in the bedrooms. After I worked an hour and a half of overtime that didn’t sound very good to me so I talked Forrest into taking a quad ride to investigate how high we could get.

The answer to how high, was higher than last week but not high enough (our cabin is JUST over the ridge…). BUT we did spot a doe and her two tiny, tiny fawns. They must have only been a day or two old!

Not my picture but they realy were this tiny!

P.S. Sprocket was awesome! We’ve been trying to teach him to sit when he sees a deer/elk/animal so he won’t scare them away or get hurt. He stopped when the quad stopped, sat when we told him to, and loaded up on the quad so we could pass by without disturbing them too much. Momma Doe was angry enough to see us without Sprocket getting close!