1977 13′ Scamp: In Progress

Sometimes I feel like the pictures on the blog show our “travel life” in only it’s prettiest states. Last weekend while I was “moving” us from one vehicle to the next, Forrest was cleaning up the Sprinter, and Steve was making us new cabinet doors for the Scamp I decided I should snap some pictures of the messy parts:

Sprocket was unimpressed by how busy we all were and appeared quite offended at how much he was being ignored:

1977 13′ Scamp: Before

Before we did anything to the Scamp, I took a whole lot of photos of it. The ol’ gal is in mostly original condition so we don’t plan to change too much but it’s always nice to document a beginning to compare with later!

Out With The New, In With The Old

Sometimes in life, opportunity arises and there’s only one thing to do: take it.

Yesterday, we bid our dear Sprinter adieu. It was ours for just a year but yet we still had so much fun with it starting with our mad dash from south Florida to north Idaho, to hauling our stuff to Utah for the wedding, and being our home for the beginnings of our current adventure.

The adventures aren’t over though—not by a long shot! Last weekend, we brought home this little beauty, a 1977 13′ Scamp travel trailer.

She needs a little bit of loving care (aka Forrest is putting in an entirely new axle) but is mostly in great shape. We’re excited to welcome her to the 3Up Adventure Team.

Seat Swivels

Forrest designed these swivels for our seats!

Since we only have about 25 square feet of floor space, being able to use the existing seating in the van maximizes that space.

The swivels are 2 pieces of 1/8″ plate (This raises the seats 1/4″)with counter sunk allen bolts and a 7/16″ grade 8 center pivot with a lock nut. (Sheer strength is 13,530 lbs!) The center bolt is 1.5″ off-center to pivot with the doors shut. A spring loaded 1/4″ pin locks the two plates together in the driving position.

-Swivels are available commercially for about $500 and raise the seats 1.5-2″.


The first phase of curtains is completed. We bought a set of “thermal blackout” curtains from Target. They are grommeted (so they fold up tightly), match the interior of the van, and required minimal alteration (a team effort hemming job).

They do make it easier to heat up the cab when it’s cold, keep the heat in the bed area instead of going out the windows, and give privacy. They also look like they “belong” from both the inside and the outside.

The curtain rod itself is pretty cool. It’s a carbon fiber/Kevlar windsurfing mast.

Phase two, some sort of shades for the side and rear windows will be in progress this winter. (I need to make friends with someone in Southern Arizona that has a sewing machine.) I’m leaning toward panels with magnets to the sheet metal…

Van Updates

While I was playing in the Cabinets, Forrest hung out with Ezra in Oregon last week to work on the cabinets. It came back looking like a totally different van!

Not only did they add upper cabinets, they installed a new Fan-tastic vent, carpeted the walls, and built a box for the batteries under the bed to hold our 400 amp hour battery bank. We also have running water now!

New upper cabinets with carpeted walls and ceiling. Fan-Tastic fan installed.
Another interior view
Speakers in the cabinets. Note the passenger side cabinet is smaller for more room over the bed.
Under bed battery box at lower right

There’s a couple storage cubbies under the bed for extra water tanks and tools:

We’ll store an extra water tank in here.
Sprocket models the cabinet accessible via the rear doors.

The bed also can be moved aside so there is a 12′ cargo area for motorcycles, kayaks, building materials, etc. And the top of the big cabinet is a work bench.

Sprocket models the 12′ cargo area.

A very special thanks to Ezra and Thomas for the great work!

Van: In Progress

Forrest went to Oregon a couple of weeks ago to work on our van conversion.

Here’s what it looked like towards the middle of his time over there:

Here’s the van now with a large storage area under the bed.

We now have a window installed on the drivers side above the sink. It lets in so much more light!


We still have some cabinets to put in and need a two-burner stove but we’re slowly getting there! It’s already much more comfortable than it was. F and Ezra did a good job, don’t you think?