Engineer Pass

When thirty minutes after leaving work, even including a pit stop at home to grab your pup and check your mail, you can see this, life is good.

Engineer Pass is often a whole day’s adventure for people visiting the San Juans. A couple of weeks ago, Sprocket and I started over the pass at 6pm to make camp at the Uncompahgre Peak trailhead for the night. Even though for us it’s a standard route to the high country, it definitely didn’t disappoint!

The weather started to turn a bit stormy as we crested the pass. I was glad to be in a jeep rather than on foot:

The leaves falling on the road were also pretty cool looking:

Colorado 13er: Houghton Mountain

Shortly after returning from our adventures in Utah, I wanted to get some adventuring happening in Colorado’s high country without asking too much of Sprocket. Hiking with my pup is one of my favorite things to do so we drove up Engineer Pass bound for Houghton Mountain, a 13er that requires relatively little hiking if you use a jeep to get to your trailhead.

Sprocket was ecstatic to be up in the high country. He was running all over sniffing, rolling in the snow drifts he found and heading exactly the way he knows his mommy likes to go: UP.

Our short hike lead us to the summit of Houghton surrounded by other 13ers to be climbed in the coming years. It as hard not to feel lucky that I was calling this home.

Sprocket concurs:

Hike stats: 1.8 miles; 597 feet gain