Yellowstone, Day 1

F and I had planned on going to Yellowstone last September to remedy the fact that I’d never been there…and then he went to North Dakota and I found myself moving our life from Missoula to Silver Valley.

Thursday, after a quick pit stop in Missoula to drop off Sprocket and Forrest’s North Dakota gear, we drove to the park. We camped Cherokee stealth style in the parking lot at Mammoth and I was reminded about how badly I need a new sleeping bag…my summer one just isn’t cutting it on chilly nights.

Sunrise Over Mammoth Hot Springs

We spent the morning seeing the sights between Mammoth and Old Faithful. After watching Old Faithful, we had lunch at Old Faithful Lodge. We were highly disappointed with the quality of food that was served; I guess that’s what we get for contracting out all concessions in our national parks… Continue reading “Yellowstone, Day 1”