Spring Break 2017: Crossing Utah

Departing from Katherine and her friends, I headed north towards I-70. Although I detest driving on the interstate, I must say, Green River to Salina is actually pretty damn amazing. Just outside of Green River you cross up and over the San Rafael Swell and then cross through some pretty mountains before descending into Salina.

Views of the Book Cliffs from US-191:

Approaching the Swell:

I got off the interstate near the crest of the swell to hike out to San Rafael Knob. The beta I attempted to follow lead me to the edge of a cliff. I’m pretty willing to scramble a lot of things but I couldn’t quite figure out how to get back on track for the route. After a bit, I abandoned the hike (fortunately its right off I-70 so making it back here isn’t hard).

It was a nice ramble along the canyon rim even if I never did find a way to penetrate its defenses.

Just after the hike, I started to descend from the swell before heading up into the mountains.

From Salina, I headed around Fishlake National Forest to Delta, Utah. (Delta was mindblowing so it gets its own post…until tomorrow!)


I’m driving to Moab for the wedding with Forrest and Sprocket today. Rocking out to this is probably happening…

We’re rolling with our black (not yellow) dog down I-15 (not I-95) but that’s close enough for me.

Louisiana to Midterm

The alarm went off at 4am and we were up, dressed, and in the van by 4:11. On our way out of Leesville, F found a doughnut shop that was open (4:13am). I’ve always sworn that I don’t really like doughnuts but that was the first fresh one I’d ever had and I had to admit that they were quite good.

We headed north. I took the opportunity to sleep in the back  until we were about an hour outside of Shreveport where I swapped into the drivers seat. Forrest tried to sleep but the condition of I-49 was a little rough for him in the back (I maintain that I would have slept just fine!).

As we cruised through Dallas, it started to rain. And it rained. And rained. All the way across Texas it rained. It was about 40 and raining (what happened to going south where it’s warm?!). We did get a pretty decent hamburger at “Giant Burger” in Rhome (F had to fix a busted power steering cooler line in the rain though) And then we kept on driving. After a brief stop in Amarillo for windshield wiper blades we cruised into New Mexico. Continue reading “Louisiana to Midterm”

Hauling down I-10

Rosepine, Louisiana

We arrived in Rosepine after a solid seventeen hours of driving! Today was pretty uneventful—we ate Subway only a hundred miles before stopping for gas next to a Cajun seafood hole-in-the-wall that looked awesome. Such is life, however, when you’re trying to make miles, quick food is the need at that point.

Basin bridge across Atchafalaya Basin

These long days are hard but still wonderful; I’m so happy I came. We’ll go an hour not talking but it feels good to be rolling down the road observing the country around you. Of course, this way of traveling also reminds me how much I can’t wait until the next time we’re able to just cruise at our own speed so I can stop to hold the baby alligators at the tourist trap, eat awesome food, and poke around small towns.

The place we should have eaten lunch.

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