New England Friend Time

My time at Bates was a whirlwind of coursework, softball, and friends. After years of meals together, evenings, weekends, and Patriots/Red Sox games, there were a handful who became like family. Stacia, along side her beautiful new wife Andrea, was the reason for my trip back East was one of those people. Lucy and Franz are part of my Bates friend-family and are some more of those people. Lucky for me lived close enough to Sunday River that I was able to hang out with them for a day and a half before flying back out West. It was the perfect end to my trip.

This photo kills me. It’s like the epitome of so so many college times. I love these two and I’m completely looking forward to seeing them in November for their wedding!

Stacia & Andrea’s Wedding: Part 2

After all the prep work, Saturday morning finally came! There were mimosas, manicures, hairdos, and lots of waiting.

And then, before we knew it, we were all prettied up and ready for a wedding:

Photo courtesy fellow bridesmaid Emma

I’m not even going to try and steal photos off Facebook of the gorgeous brides on their lovely day because the ever awesome Amanda Summerlin was there to capture everything! (In case you think I’m kidding about her awesomeness check out our various adventures with her here!)

The wedding went off beautifully! Everything was gorgeous and there was seriously the most rocking wedding dance party I’ve ever experienced. Seriously.

Congratulations you two!!!

Stacia & Andrea’s Wedding: Part 1

After spending a lovely day with Susan enjoying New Hampshire, it was time for the main event of the trip: Stacia and Andrea’s wedding! Stacia and Dre made the long trek to southeastern Utah to celebrate Forrest and I so I was honored to not only be in Maine for their wedding but to be there as a bridesmaid.

Stacia and Dre, Moab 2012 (The night before Stacia proposed!)

When I arrived at the hotel, no one was there and I had a few minutes to myself. When everyone returned, I was welcomed exactly as I would expect from Stacia’s family: they immediately demanded that I get myself a drink…and were delighted to find that I had already helped myself. The evening was spent catching up, enjoying burgers and hot dogs, and wound up with the hot tub. The GoPro came but was not ideal for low light conditions. Stacia and I did attempt a selfie which is adorable no matter how blurry:

The next morning it was wedding go-time: loading up cars, carting stuff to the gondola, and getting everything neat and pretty for the wedding. I was a couple thousand miles away for picking out bridesmaid dresses, pre-wedding crafts, bachelorettes, and so on so I tried my best to make up for it during set-up! Seriously, I just didn’t stop moving PLUS captured photos on the GoPro all day:

Stacia and Dre put so much thought into making the North Peak Lodge at Sunday River look amazing. I was so happy to be part of the great crew of their family and friends there Friday putting it all in place!

After the Lodge was all in order for the big day, it was time for the bridal party to get their act together during rehearsal:

And then we all got treated to a delicious dinner before another evening of hot tubbing and good ol’ fashioned fun.

I had hoped to make the wedding and assorted events one post but I got carried away with photos! More tomorrow!!


Day 38: Lewiston, Maine to Grand Isle, Vermont

Snow Falls (Near West Paris, Maine)
Mt. Washington

 F and I were awake and on the road by seven. This gave us plenty of time to play our way over to Vermont. I think it was my easiest navigation day because the road from Bates to Bethel (near Sunday River Ski Area) is well ingrained in my memory! It felt so good to be driving through New England again. We both had a good time driving through the pretty countryside punctuated with “towns” founded in the 1700s. We decided to take Vermont 15 to Burlington instead of taking the Interstate. I think it was a great choice, it was really pretty and I got to taste some wine at Boyden Valley Winery. Their reds and whites were pretty good, the cranberry wine was refreshing (Forrest liked it too!), while we were less than impressed with the dessert and ice wines.

We headed over to South Hero Island on Lake Champlain and made a brief stop at C.i.D.E.R. to say hello to Lee, Forrest’s elementary school teacher, before going to their house. At the house, we relaxed and let Sprocket get to know their dogs Gracie and Ava. Jim and I took Ava and Sprocket up to Knight Point State Park on the lake to let them run around and swim a bit. Sprocket, as always, loved it! He got to get wet then chase his new friend through the woods!

Lee was home when we got back and we all loaded up and went to Shore Acres for dinner. The food was quite gourmet and very yummy but the view was incredible! We had a great time catching up and talking about all sorts of things. Back at the house we all had some computer time (I almost caught up for all you blog readers out there) before heading to bed.

Day 37: Lewiston, Maine

F, Sprocket, and I got up quietly and headed for the farm. F had a grilled ham and cheese and I had the classic egg sandwich with tomato relish. On our way back to campus we stopped at the grocery store and picked up hamburger fixings for dinner. Back on campus, we headed for Dana Chemistry to start our rounds. We visited Lorna, Mary, and talked to Jen for a bit. After we got some food in Sprocket we headed for Chase and visited with Erin and Keith. Keith, in typical form, gave Forrest a t-shirt and Sprocket some frisbees. Continuing the whirlwind tour of Bates, we headed over to the costume shop. We had a nice visit with Kathy but had to hurry over to commons for lunch with Emily, Ryan, and Q.

I had to head back to the costume shop after lunch to patch up our jeans (hurray for the costume shop!) then we had to make a quick stop at RiteAid before going to Liz’s house. Sprocket explored and terrorized Carlen while we relaxed. Stacia and Andrea drove down from Farmington and we all had hamburgers and watched Stacia’s graduation video. When Liz and Jean came back from their IM bowling league, a whole troop of us headed for the Goose: Stacia, Andrea, Jean, Austin, Liz, Alex, and myself. We all had a blast catching up and belting out some sweet renditions of “I Will Survive” and “Secret Lovers.”

Day 36: Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pennsylvania to Lewiston, Maine

Sprocket had us both up at six and before we knew it we had the jeep ready to go and were on the road bound for a Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Solidly supplied with coffee, iced coffee, and doughnuts we cruised to Boston for lunch with Brendan. We arrived at the Sunset Cafe without too much hassle and really enjoyed perusing the serious beer list. It was a lot of fun to catch up with Brendan–especially because he could relax after having finished his last final for his first year of law school!

Navigating out of Boston was a cinch and before we knew it we were cruising through Portland. We met up with Jean and her roommates who gave Sprocket lots of love and volunteered to watch him while we got dinner at Commons. It was so odd to be back there and I was pretty shocked to realize how many people I still knew. After dinner, we headed over to the new dorm to visit with Q for a bit then headed back over to village. After Sprocket got some more love it was time to crash after a long day of driving.