First, our moose’s antlers are growing. Here he is on the 22nd:

Just little nubby antlers

By the 28th, his antlers had started to branch out:

I think they look like antennae here…

Forrest also spotted a bear at the cabin:

I am jealous. I want to see a bear. Especially one this cute.

I also think this deer looks hilarious. He was really unconcerned that we were riding by on the quad:

His ears crack me up.

1st Weekend Of Summer

When I got out of work last Friday we threw our stuff in the Jeep and away to the cabin we went—I hardly set foot in the house.

We unpacked for the weekend (unpacking basically means hauling the cooler out of the jeep and inside) and then Forrest headed back down to show our neighbor April and her daughter Olivia the way up to the cabin. While he was gone, I read the newspaper on my Kindle (best thing ever) and was surprised to see Jim and Krista come up the driveway for a visit. We sat outside and enjoyed the view and I bragged a little bit about “our” moose. Just as I was saying that, the moose made an appearance for a couple of minutes before heading down the hill. Continue reading “1st Weekend Of Summer”

Treasure on the Trail

During our short hike on Sunday, we came around a corner and right in the middle of the trail was a moose antler. We tried to let Sprocket think that he found it (we really wish he was an antler finding dog) but he just seemed to think it wasn’t his antler so he just sniffed it then looked at us like, “So? What are you going to do with it?”

We looked and looked for the match to make the set (usually they’re not very far apart) but didn’t have any luck. …other than our luck that left the antler right in the trail of course!

Sprocket “finding” an antler

Moon Pass Adventure

Sunday afternoon, we decided to go exploring. I did some quick checking on road conditions and found that Moon Pass (leading from Wallace over to Avery) was open. Optimistic that the snowmelt would let us do some exploring we headed out in the jeep.

Waiting to go for a ride

Moon Pass Road was really dusty so we decided to try and take the scenic bypass route up higher into the mountains. Unfortunately, there was still enough snow on the road to make the going tricky in places and, eventually, too deep to go further at all. It made for a kind of long detour but it was certainly pretty up in the trees.

Returning to the main road, we headed up to the pass. Someone had plowed the road leaving some decent sized snow berms along the road. I’m not sure if it was the elevation or the snow but the air temperature definitely dropped! At the top of the pass, we stopped to talk to a couple of people on quads. We asked them about melt status of some of the roads in the area and reflect on how good it felt to be out after the long winter.

We headed down into the St. Joe drainage and looking for somewhere to explore. We found a small road and decided to head up it to explore. It quickly turned into a narrow quad trail but not before Forrest decided to navigate across a stream. Although it had gotten a bit narrow for the jeep, we decided to take a walk anyway. Just a little ways up the road we heard a crashing in the brush. It was a moose!

We watched her until she ran up the creek and out of view. As we continued up the road we saw some of her tracks in the mud and then heading up the hill. It was amazing to see how big her leap up the hill was—in one step, she went four feet up the hillside! Just another quarter mile down the road, it crossed the creek again. Not being exactly willing to wade into the freshly melted snow, we turned around. (Sprocket, on the other hand headed right out into the stream.)

A bit further down the road we saw a hiking trail head up into the mountains so we parked the jeep and headed up the hill. And when I say up, I mean up. It’s steep around here and this was no exception, we gained just under a thousand feet of elevation in about a mile.

As we got up to the powerline road, it was getting to be time to think about getting back home. (We’re hoping to find someone to give us a ride back to that trailhead soon so we can continue down the trail to Wonderful Peak and hike down over the ridge back into town.)

Back down at the jeep, we decided to try to get home via Bullion Pass but were foiled by snow just below the summit (and, as the crow flies about six miles from home) only to have to turn around and go the long way home through Wallace via Moon Pass.



Ms. Moose paid us a visit at the cabin tonight.

She didn’t seem to mind the commotion.

And she just hung out for our dinner viewing pleasure:

Moose on the Loose

After a very lazy Sunday morning, Forrest finally coaxed me out for a “short snowshoe.” The short snowshoe turned into a survey of the south-east and south-west perimeters of the 4th of July mining claim above Burke.

But we saw a moose!

And I might have caused a small avalanche…

Gorgeous sunshine, easy hiking, and hanging out with the boys.

Originally posted on the blog: Evergreen Rambles.