1977 13′ Scamp: In Progress

Sometimes I feel like the pictures on the blog show our “travel life” in only it’s prettiest states. Last weekend while I was “moving” us from one vehicle to the next, Forrest was cleaning up the Sprinter, and Steve was making us new cabinet doors for the Scamp I decided I should snap some pictures of the messy parts:

Sprocket was unimpressed by how busy we all were and appeared quite offended at how much he was being ignored:

What We’re Taking

Last Saturday, we did a test pack of the van. This is the stuff that’s going to live under the bed & in the cabinets. It seems like a lot. A bunch of shoes (running shoes, sandals, boots). There’s backpacking gear and climbing gear. There’s a bunch of tools.

There’s a little bit more stuff that is going to go in the upper cabinets (clothes and some utensils and bowls) but this is it. All of our stuff. 🙂