Wedding, Part 16: Post Wedding Monday

Monday the house started to clear out a bit. Kurt and Sandi headed back for Wyoming with  Pat and Cindy following not too far behind. Stacia and Dre headed for Denver. My mom, aunt, and godmother came out in the early afternoon to say goodbye before heading back to town to relax before flying out on Tuesday.

Stacia and I with Parriott Mesa
Sprocket demonstrates his ferocity
Sprocket follows the “sit” command…in the river.

Ezra, Jolleen, Blaze, Skye and Ashley went into Arches in the morning. When they came back out to the house we decided to launch ahead with plans to go rafting. However, with the not so warm weather, F and I decided to just be the shuttle and Skye & Ashley decided to get a jump on their drive home. Blaze, Jolleen, and Ezra were still in to brave the river though so in they went (brrr).

Dramatic evening clouds
Rainbow over Castleton Tower

Back at the house, we made steaks and relaxed with some TV and wine. Amanda came back from her adventure in Arches and joined us in the living room. (She even showed us a bunch of pictures from the jeeping adventure!) We had a blast just relaxing, laughing at the dog, and being really quite wine silly.

Sprocket was rudely awoken from his slumber
Didn’t take him long to go back to sleep.
Showing off my bride tank one last time.

Although the weather looked a bit unsettled for the next day, we made plans with Amanda to do our “day after shoot” (days are relative when you’re on vacation) out at Canyonlands the next evening.