Alpine Mine Hike

Wednesday Sprocket and I set off looking for some adventure. We started off hiking up the Weehawken Trail just outside of Ouray. The trail switchbacks pretty much straight up a hill and just doesn’t stop. Our goal was to get to the Alpine Mine remains.

It was such an absolutely beautiful day. We weren’t in much of a hurry and it was pretty great to be up in the mountains with this guy:

The mine itself was a bit of a letdown but we decided to not stop there and work our way up to the ridge above the mine. I’ll admit to thinking “Just one more highpoint” more than once as we worked our way along. I had to finally give up when I reached a slope that I wasn’t comfortable leading Sprocket down alone.

Here’s the view from the furthest point we made up the ridge line, not too shabby:

A Walk Up An Arroyo

Sometimes we don’t set off with a destination in mind. We get in the Jeep with the dog, some water, the camera and go. Somewhere along the line we’re bound to see a cool old car, a mine shaft, a new road, or a mountain. On a beautiful desert January day, we spotted an arroyo that needed some exploring, so we went.

Sprocket loved having his Ruffwear boots to protect him from the cacti spines! He’s a trooper when we have to help him but it’s nice to have a little bit of protection.

Sprocket’s Grip Trex boots were provided by Ruffwear.