We headed up to the cabin Saturday morning to work on getting some insulation in the walls. Last time we were up there the stove was able to keep it warm but if the fire died (which it did once during the night) it got cold quickly. We’re having friends up for New Years and thought it would be best if we made the place as cozy as possible.

Forrest and I rode two up on his sled most of the way up (mine is down for non-crash related repairs) until Sprocket was too tired to run after it anymore. SP and I had a nice final walk up to the cabin–it was a gorgeous day and not cold at all. We’d walk and then relax (and definitely had a cuddle party or two in the snow). Once we got to the cabin, Forrest had the fire going and the chill was out of the air. Continue reading “Insulation!”

Adventures in Snowmobiling

I fully admit that I was terrified of the red beast on the trailer. Today, my grace period for getting used to the idea of riding the snowmobile ran out.

After I briefly entertained the idea of refusing to go, ever, I was persuaded to give it a shot. Then I had to eat my words because the whole thing was less than scary right from the start. I managed to make my way up to the top of the hill just fine (although every time I thought I was going fast, I’d look down and the speedometer needle hadn’t even moved Forrest just informed me that my speedometer is broken).

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