Stonewear Designs Velocity Top

I just found this in my draft posts and even though I’m not a Stonewear ambassador anymore, this top is great and they still sell it so I’m sharing it with you now. Better late than never! Here’s a sweet t-shirt that is great for hiking, running, and more:

Stonewear Designs Velocity Top is the only t-shirt currently in my running rotation. I usually swear by a tank top and a long sleeve layer if necessary but the Velocity is so lightweight it won me over.

The same cap sleeves that I was so skeptical about I found to be super comfortable while running. I’ve worn this shirt throughout the spring for running and decided that it had been tested enough to be my choice for running the Rainier To Ruston relay last spring (I ran 13+ miles as part of a 4-person team). The Velocity is lightweight and moves excellently with me. As a testament to how much I enjoy wearing it, the top can almost always be found in the dirty clothes and has been dug out of the hamper a time or two to be worn on a run…

It also works really well for hiking—it lays nicely under a backpack and is long enough that the hip belt on my pack goes over it rather than the shirt riding up to my waist.

The moisture wicking fabric does a really good job of keeping me comfortable during a run or a hike although like many synthetic fabrics it tends to hold odor.

I was skeptical about the grey contrasting sleeve but I love the look. My top is Rhubarb but I really like the look of all the colors. The neckline is also really flattering with a deeper scoop neck than you usually find in athletic wear. Many of my non-Stonewear sports bras show under the Velocity although the Crossback Top works perfectly (which is fine with me as I love the Crossback, review here) but sadly, it isn’t available from Stonewear anymore (check online to see if you can find it on closeout and buy three, seriously).

I used to be a Stonewear Designs Ambassador and received this shirt and other items from Stonewear as a member of the program, however all opinions are my own.

Gear Review: Stonewear Designs Kaia Halter & Lyra Top

I’ve been wearing some awesome clothing this spring in my role as Stonewear Designs Ambassador! I’m really exited to share with you two more pieces from a company comitted to making a high quality, lasting product here in the States! These two support tops, the Kaia and the Lyra, from Stonewear Designs are a great complement to the outdoor woman’s wardrobe. Both are totally functional as yoga or running tops but yet fashionable enough to wear around town.

The  Kaia halter top is a good length and the back slit is designed to allow the tank to lay flat over a variety of hip widths (the slit is also a really cute feature). The tendency to ride up can be a real issues with tops like this but I haven’t had any issues thanks to the smart design. Stonewear recently added 2″ to the length of the Lyra top. I didn’t try it before but I can say that the new version is also a tug-free option!

The back straps to the Lyra are really cute and make wearing the top super comfortable. They’re integrated into the body of the tank so they distribute pull rather than laying it all on the shoulders. The Kaia’s halter strap is also super comfortable, as a good halter should be, most of the support is provided by the internal bra cups and shelf bra rather than tugging at the back of the neck. Both tops have internal bra cups (although I’ve removed mine as personal preference). The tops are just low cut enough to be a bit sexy and feminine without being too much. The Lyra Top and the Kaia Halter each retail for $56.

Gear Review: Stonewear Designs, Fall 2013

As a Stonewear Ambassador, I received a whole lot of clothing from their Fall 2013 catalog that I’ve been wearing for the last few months. With my wardrobe being constrained by the camper, the clothing has been in fairly heavy rotation and has gotten a fair amount of testing!

Stonewear Designs makes all of their products in America and really strive to make wearable products for real women. Here’s some of my thoughts:


  • Cross Back Top: This bra fits SO WELL. It’s so comfy and is my go-to bra for everything It offers good front coverage and has an adorable (and comfortable cross back). I’m small busted so it offers plenty of support for any activity I throw at it.
  • Dash Performance Pant: The Dash pants are so cozy. I’m 5’10” and I should have bought the long length but I’m still rocking the regulars anyway because they’re awesome: they fit nicely through the hips and the amount of stretch is just right. I haven’t experienced any gaping at the waist either. The fleecy inside means they’re warm though so I don’t get a chance to wear them too often!
  • Cascade Skirt: Although the skirt is a touch long for my taste (floats right around my knees), I forgive it because it is so soft. Seriously, the jersey material is just like silky butter! The soft waist is really comfortable making this a dream to wear.

  • Alpha Hoodie: I reviewed the Alpha over on the Live Stonewear blog this fall. I was wearing the lovely “Blue Shadow” one all the time and was totally pumped to get one in “Berry Milkshake” with “Team Stonewear” on the sleeve. These days I often use one for working out/running and the other for wearing around to compensate for my lack of laundry access. The biggest downside of the Alpha is that it has started show some piling where backpack straps rub (waist strap, sternum strap). It seems to fare well against the prickly sticks of the desert though so it’s one of my favorite layers for hiking. The small fits me just right with plenty of length through the torso.

  • Sprinter Capri: I actually don’t have too much to say about the Sprinter aside from the fact that once I put them on I hardly know I’m wearing them. The very first hike I wore these on involved plenty of brush and plenty of scrambling around rocks boosting a dog and I was sure that I’d do them in since the material feels pretty light…I didn’t. The thread on the seams is showing a little wear but these have been in heavy rotation over the last six months. As it turns out, I didn’t have a photo of me wearing them but I just so happen to be rocking them now so I took a photo:

  • Nimble Knicker: I’m not totally sold on the look of the Nimble Knicker but they’re sooo comfy that I just don’t care. The fabric is really soft, the waist is perfectly fitted, and they’re just right. It turns out that in the right weather they’re even pretty good for running as I discovered in the sand dunes.
Alpha Hoodie & Nimble Knicker


  • Olympia Tank: I’m just not crazy about the Olympia’s fit on me. I’ve had several friends and family members tell me I’m nuts for not liking it. (Although I’ve gotten some to admit that perhaps it just wasn’t designed for my body type, aka flat chested, skinny, broad shoulders. I know that some of the other Ambassadors love this tank so take my fit advice with a grain of salt. It’s a little large for me through the chest and the neckline sort of emphasizes my wide shoulders. It’s also done some serious fading and a little piling in not that many washes.
  • Helix Jacket: I love the coloring on the Helix: the heathered pattern means that you can’t really tell if it’s dirty or not. (And living with the big black love bug named Sprocket means mine’s usually dirty…) From the front I love how it looks on me. The back has a really cute flare that would emphasize someone’s cute butt. Since I’m lacking in that department, it looks just a little…odd. My only other complaint about the Helix is that the pockets are really shallow: phones like to jump out of them.

  •  Solace Top: I wasn’t crazy about the ladder back of the tank at first but it’s really grown on me. The Solace is really comfortable and has a really flattering fit: it’s not too fitted but not too loose either. The shelf bra provides me with enough support for running (this probably wouldn’t be the case for many ladies).

  • Hot Yoga Short: Admittedly, I’ve only worn the Hot Yoga short for yoga … once. They make it into hanging out at camp rotation more often! They moved really well and were super comfortable. My only complaint is how high they sat up on the waist—almost like “mom jeans.” Ed. note, 2018: I’m obsessed with these shorts.

Didn’t like:

  • Momentum Tank: This tank is just way too short on me. The back twist is cute but I just can’t get into the whole 90’s short tank-top look. Maybe they’ll make a long version!

Sand Dune Workout

When we arrived at the sand dunes in Glamis on Thursday afternoon I knew I had to get in a workout so instead of choosing a nice leisurely run, I decided to tackle the sand dunes with a combination of running up the side and running along the crest of the dune.

My quads were burning by the end of the workout: the last lap back to my “starting point” was tough. I leave Monday morning for the #omnigames. I’m ready.

I’m a Stonewear Designs Ambassador!

Last week, I had a message on my phone from Stonewear Designs, they had picked me to be an Ambassador!

After winning a skort from these guys last fall, I’ve kept up with them via Twitter and Facebook. Just after moving to Ridgway, they put out a call looking for women who are involved in their community in addition to leading active lifestyles who would promote them via social media, blog posts, and product reviews. I applied, figuring being picked would be a long shot.

They picked eight women to be Ambassadors this year, including me! I’m so excited.

Be sure to head over to the Stonewear blog today to check out my fellow Ambassadors. We include yoga instructors, climbers, moms, runners, hikers, photographers, and more. It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to sharing it with you all.