Meet the Lifted Scamp

As with most older Scamps, the original torsion axle was worn out leaving the poor trailer practically on the ground. Even with a new torsion axle it would only sit about 4″ higher. Fortunately, Forrest is a fabricator and was going make this a 4×4 Scamp anyways. So out came the torch!

Using a new 2000 pound leaf spring axle assembly, a new sub-frame assembly, and some matching Jeep wheels, Forrest drew up his plans. The result is really quite amazing: the Scamp sits over a foot higher and tows along behind the Jeep like a dream. Even over large rocks!

Without further ado, 3Up Adventures’ lifted Scamp:

Sprinter van Towing Jeep

If this doesn’t look like awesomeness, I don’t know what does.

UPDATE 10-3-12: We just pulled the Jeep 1000 miles down to Moab and it worked out great. I always drive in the slow lane and this no exception, slow and steady. Gross weight was right at 12,000 lbs since the van was packed with all our wedding gear plus towing the TJ with a bike on the back. Fuel milage was 19.5 and 20 on the two towing tanks. (We got 28MPG on the way back without the jeep)