Christmas Tree 2014

One of the biggest things on my To Do list after Thanksgiving was to acquire a Christmas Tree. After two years of spending the holiday mobile in the deserts of Arizona, I was really excited to head out with Sprocket “to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols” in our 4-wheel drive sleigh.

Life is really tough when this is your view leaving town to go find a tree:

As I got out of the Jeep, I realized that I had neglected to pack the snowshoes but since we were already at the top of Red Mountain Pass, I opted to deal with posthole-ing to find a tree. Sprocket was unimpressed by my attempt to get a photo of him with the tree and took the opportunity for a rest break:

Our tree this year came from almost 11,000′ above sea level and is just a beauty.

I feel so lucky that this is how I go about obtaining my Christmas cheer:

The 3Up Christmas Tree, 2014:

Oh Christmas Tree

We finally put up our Christmas tree last Thursday!

I trimmed it up with our ornaments. Most of the tree’s trimmings were given to me throughout my childhood. When we first started dating Forrest started a lovely tradition by buying an ornament. (I still maintain that telling me about starting this tradition on Christmas morning only three months after we met was slightly crazy…if not spot on as three years and an engagement has shown.) Continue reading “Oh Christmas Tree”