#vanlife: Why I Don’t Do It (Full-time) Anymore

A few weeks ago, I had a comment on the blog that asked me why I don’t find a job that includes my passions. The commenter seemed to think that I was set to miss out on something by settling into a more “normal” life with property and a future house. A little offended, I almost didn’t publish the comment. It seemed to imply somehow that I was a “faker” and not a into outdoor stuff as I claim to be. It kinda got under my skin. I’m not a pro-athlete. I’m not even a cool amateur living in my van chasing the dream. I’m a teacher who’s biggest dream right now is saddling myself with a mortgage.

I lived the #vanlife (or camper life, etc. as I detailed yesterday). It was amazing in so many ways but I honestly found it really isolating. Since we paid for a Jetpack, I had some internet connection to friends and family but mostly, it was just me and my ex-partner (and Sprocket).

The travel was exciting but after awhile, I needed a friend to share a glass of wine with and talk about our lives. It isn’t even a comfort thing, I spent last summer living out of my FSJ and this summer I’m living out of the XJ (and the shed). I needed a place that was mine where I had roots. I needed that place where I could go for a walk and find myself waving to nearly every car going down the road. I needed more independence to do things on my own. I also am a planner and a goal setter: I needed more stability than a cobbled together job on the road.

Is travel in my make up? Absolutely. I love my weekends and summers wandering around Colorado and the larger West. I am growing my life so that I can do this. The alternation between home and travel is sustaining to me. Teaching fits me for many reasons, one of which is the summer and vacation schedule. Spring Break in Mexico? Sounds great! Roadtrips? ALWAYS.

I actually feel a little bit bad that I was bothered by that comment. I adventure a lot. Not always as much as I like but I think I do a pretty good job prioritizing it! In fact, I am writing this blog post from a Starbucks while out on a multi-day adventure.

To those of you hoping to live the vanlife soon: cheers. If you take a hard-pass on mobile living all together: just don’t forget to adventure and you’ll be just fine.  To those of you who have tried it and gone back to “the real world” because of money: it is still there. To those, who like me, tried it and found it lacking: it’s okay; you’re still an adventurer in my eyes.