#Wild4Backcountry: Dog Tested, Mom Approved

If you’ve spent much time around this blog or perhaps had the good fortune to hang out with Sprocket and I in person, you know that he and I are a team. My dog is not just a canine to me but is really a member of my family. Sprocket can be counted on to join me on roadtrips, on hikes, on lazy days in bed, for indulging in a beer, or in going out to meet new people.

It’s really important to me that I feed Sprocket the best food I can afford to try and keep him in top health. When Merrick Pet Care approached me about an ambassadorship, I was very skeptical. I wasn’t about to feed Sprocket something that wasn’t up to our standards just for a partnership. As I researched Merrick, I became really excited about the chance to test out their new Backcountry products.

What made the difference for me?

Made in America: I’m leery of pet food that is either made overseas or comes from overseas ingredients. Americans highly value their pets and Merrick recognizes this and sources their ingredients in the USA not in China. Just as importantly, they do not use preservatives, additives, or colors.

Backcountry is grain-free: When Sprocket was younger, we had him on a grain-free diet feeling that it was healthiest for him and slowly drifted away from it because the food we were feeding him didn’t seem to be working for his digestive system. (Truth: he had horriblesulfur-y farts.) Rather than experimenting with other grain-free foods we transitioned him to a fairly premium food that did include grains. Last fall, however, when I found Sprocket in my sole care, I transitioned him back on to grain free foods and have been really happy with how his coat looks and how much he seems to enjoy his food.

Glucosamine & Condroitin: Labs are prone to hip dysplasia and I’m doing what I can to help Sprocket maintain his mobility for as long as possible. While the jury is still out on their efficacy in dogs, most things I’ve read have called them low risk with a potential reward so I’m opting to make sure Sprocket gets it in his diet. Backcountry promises 1200 mg/kg of both nutrients which 200% increase over his previous food.

And on his end, Sprocket seems to be really pleased with Backcountry. He chows down on the dry food with gusto. If he likes the dry food, I don’t even know what to tell you about the wet food. Wet food has always been an “in case of emergency” (aka “Mom decided we were not going home tonight and are sleeping at this sweet lake on the way home”) food that I’d pick up at the grocery store randomly. I’d also never bought anything for him as awesome as Alpine Rabbit Stew or 96% Real Beef. Although he loved that, our go to is Great Plains Red Meat dry food.

This post was sponsored by Merrick Pet Care. While Sprocket and I were compensated for this post and Sprocket’s samples of Backcountry were provided free of charge, all opinions are my own plus my subjective interpretation of Sprocket’s thoughts.